Convert purchased iTunes files into
commonly used video formats
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DRMBuster will help to convert DRM protected M4V videos from iTunes for easy playback on dozens
of devices e.g. Creative, SanDisk, Zune, Archos, home DivX/DVD players, any MP4 compatible players and mobile phones. The program converts iTunes videos to commonly used AVI, MP4
file formats with the desired output video resolution and rip audio part from video files to MP3,
WAV and AAC. Software installation includes easy-to-use Audio CDRipper and YouTube Ripper
plug-in. DRMBuster introduces the unique technology maintaining extremely effective PC utilization
in order to perform high conversion speed and reliable conversion results.

DRMBuster iTunes M4V Converter

Converting M4V files to DivX AVI and MP4 video for any playing device

DRMBuster will easily remove DRM protection from iTunes video encoding M4V files to unprotected commonly used media formats for
easy playback on PSP, Zune, Creative Zen, any portable MP3/MP4 player, mobile phone, home DVD/DivX player, car video, PDA and PC.
After M4V conversion you can easily burn iTunes movies to DVD for storing, watch them on a home DVD player, car video, PDA or cell
phone, edit with Windows Movie Maker, upload and share anywhere you like. In other words with DRMBuster M4V converter you are not
bound to iPod and other Apple hardware or software anymore. This program is probably the best software solution to get rid of Apple
DRM restrictions.

DRMBuster will help you to convert purchased DRM protected video clips, movies and TV shows from Apple iTunes store with the only
requirement that you can play videos on the computer where M4V converter is installed. The list of DRMBuster operations includes M4V
conversion to AVI (DivX) format for playback on Windows Media Player and other DivX/DVD players, M4V to MP4 conversion for portable
MP4-compatible players and the ability to unprotect iTunes video quickly and without quality loss. The program also helps to extract audio
from video clips by encoding M4V files to commonly used audio formats e.g. MP3, WAV and M4A (AAC). DRMBuster installation includes
easy-to-use audio CDRipper and bonus YouTube Ripper plug-in for Internet Explorer.

DRMBuster M4V converter interface is very clear and user-friendly. Before M4V conversion you can select the desired output video quality
and resolution depending on conversion purpose. Just open DRMBuster settings and choose the appropriate encoder for video files. It's
also possible to set the desired audio compression quality level (bitrate) converting M4V files to MP3 and M4A. Among other features we
can mention easy video preview and conversion preview and highly customized output folder settings. The program will optimize other
M4V conversion parameters automatically. So if you purchase any video stuff from iTunes store, DRMBuster will save your day converting
into unprotected media formats. Check out how to convert WMA songs.

DRMBuster M4V conversion tool has the following key features:

  • Convert protected iTunes video with original quality and desired resolution

  • Real-time video playback with built-in player and conversion preview

  • Flexible video encoder settings for M4V conversion

  • Rip iTunes video into MP3, WAV and AAC (M4A) audio

  • Easy program installation and utilization