Convert any audio and video
to play on your GPhone
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DRMBuster easily converts audio and video files from any source for playback on T-Mobile G1
Google Phone. The program supports music and videos purchased from iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody,
CinemaNow, TiVo, Real Network etc. The key features of DRMBuster are high conversion speed for
audio files, one-click installation, easy software settings and clear interface. Software installation
includes bonus audio CD Ripper and YouTube Ripper plug-in for Internet Explorer. DRMBuster
introduces the unique technology maintaining extremely effective PC utilization in order to perform
high audio and video conversion speed and top quality conversion results.

DRMBuster Google Phone converter

Convert any music and video to play on T-Mobile G1

DRMBuster is a powerful software solution to convert any audio and video files for easy playback on T-Mobile G1 Google Phone device. HTC
or T-Mobile G1 becomes more and more popular today being the first handset released with the Google Android operating system.
DRMBuster Google Phone converter supports dozens of popular audio and video formats both DRM-protected and non-protected for quick
and reliable conversion. In the result your T-Mobile G1 Phone will always be full of high-quality converted songs and videos.

As output audio files DRMBuster Google Phone converter supports plain MP3, WMA, AAC and WAV formats compatible with T-Mobile G1. The most
valued program feature is high conversion speed for DRM-protected audio files depending on the power of your PC only. The faster computer
you have, the higher number of simultaneous conversions you can perform. With DRMBuster you can convert up to 16 files in parallel saving
hours of your free time. Another useful feature is easy-to-use audio CDRipper helping to convert music directly from audio CD to your computer.
The only requirement to convert music to G1 is that you can play input files on the PC where DRMBuster is installed.

G1 Phone video converter

DRMBuster is a powerful tool to convert video to T-Mobile G1. As input video formats, the program handles protected and unprotected M4V,
WMV, AVI, MPG, MKV, FLV, TiVo, RM, 3GP and many others that can be played on your computer. DRMBuster G1 video converter can encode
movies, TV shows, music videos from CinemaNow, iTunes, Movielink, Amazon Unbox, Real Network and TiVo into desired video resolution and
format compatible with T-Mobile G1 Phone. The software supports MPEG4, DivX AVI, WMV and MP4 (QuickTime) as output video formats.
DRMBuster G1 Phone video converter also includes bonus YouTube ripper feature installed as a plug-in for Internet Explorer.

DRMBuster G1 Phone converter features are:

  • Remove DRM copy-protection from any purchased audio and video files
  • Convert absolutely any music and video to Google Phone compatible media formats
  • Extremely high audio conversion speed with up to 16 files in parallel
  • Real-time audio and video playback feature with built-in player
  • Bonus audio CD ripper and YouTube ripper features
  • Easy program installation and utilization