Convert DRM protected
AAX audio books from Audible store
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DRMBuster is an easy-to-use application to convert protected AAX files purchased from Audible
store. Converted files have premium-quality sound and commonly-used audio format. The key
features of the program are high converting speed, media DRM-removal feature, bonus audio CD
Ripper and YouTube video grabber. After conversion your Audible AAX audio books are ready for
unlimited playing, easy sharing, uploading and storing. The output MP3, WAV, WMA and M4A files
do not have DRM protection anymore.

DRMBuster AAX converter

How to convert new Audible Enhanced Audio format

DRMBuster is a powerful software solution to convert AAX audio books purchased from Audible store. If you download audio books in Audible
Enhanced audio format, then DRMBuster AAX converter allows to listen them on any playing device for example Zune, Creative Zen, iriver,
Blackberry, any other MP3 player, mobile phone and car audio. Converted files have premium-quality sound and commonly-used audio format.
They will become available for unlimited playing, sharing, uploading and even more.

As output audio format the program supports universal WMA, MP3, WAV and M4A (AAC) files that can play without any restrictions and
DRM protection. The main requirement to convert AAX files is that you can play original ones on the PC where DRMBuster is installed. Besides
AAX conversion, the program supports M4B files from iTunes, DRM-protected WMA files purchased from OverDrive service and previous format
version of Audible - AA format. With DRMBuster software you can fill your audio player or any other mobile device with audio book favorites.
Control your output file size changing audio compression quality in DRMBuster settings.

DRM converter, audio CD ripper, YouTube ripper

Another cool program feature is the ability to unprotect any DRM media easily without quality loss. Software installation includes audio CD ripper
and bonus YouTube ripper plug-in to capture videos from YouTube service. Frankly speaking DRMBuster can convert ANY music or video
that can be played in Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player or Real Player. So do not hesitate to download and test the latest DRMBuster
AAX converter version on your purchased audiobook files.

DRMBuster key features are:

  • High converting speed with up to 16 files in parallel, premium-quality sound
  • Convet AAX files into plain MP3, WMA, WAV and AAC (M4A)
  • Real-time audio playback feature with built-in player
  • Bonus audio CD Ripper and YouTube ripper plug-in for Internet Explorer
  • Easy program installation and utilization